Zero-Waste Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day


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Mother’s day is about our mothers (of course) but it is also about celebrating the special women who have helped shaped who we are. The best gift you can give often costs nothing! A call, a handwritten letter or just letting someone know how much they mean to you can make someone's day.

We’ve organized our list by mom-types and budget levels. Whether she’s a yogi, a CEO, or rock-climber, we have something for her on our list!

African American Woman Meditating

Yogi Mom

  • Budget: Create a meditation Spotify playlist! She’ll love the thought you put into it and will think of you each time she plays it.
  • Moderate: Make your own candles with her favorite pressed flowers (or buy some beautiful soy-based ones you know she’ll love).
  • Boujee: A new cork yoga mat and a gift card to her favorite yoga studio is always a hit. 


Gardening Mom

  • Budget: Create a vegetable/flower planting calendar, complete with the seeds!
  • Moderate: Plant trees in her name! There are a lot of organizations that can help you plant a tree (our favorite is Eden Reforestation Projects).
  • Boujee: Help her level up her garden game and surprise her with a home compost bin! The compost will take food and yard scraps and turn them into nutrient-rich “black gold” for her garden. Not only will it help keep her garden happy but it will divert a LOT of food waste from ending up in the landfill.


Woman wearing face mask and towel on head.

Spa Mom

  • Budget: Make your own salt scrub! There are tons of recipes out there and most use ingredients you already have in your house. Pair it with a cute, reusable glass container to make it a perfect gift!
  • Moderate: Give her reusable makeup remover pads with her favorite face mask. The pads are AMAZING at taking off every little bit of face masks, plus you can wash and reuse them, over and over again.
  • Boujee: Why, treat her to a spa day of course! Grab her a gift certificate to her favorite spa and let her live it up for a day.


  • Budget: Every mom needs a day off! Plan a day filled with her favorite things so that she can relax and enjoy a special day with you.
  • Moderate: An eco-friendly, plastic-free phone case to help her stay zero-waste while staying connected.
  • Boujee: Splurge on a refillable fountain pen! Not only will it be the last pen she’ll ever need but it helps keep plastic waste out of the landfills.


Outdoorsy Mom

  • Budget: Plan a day hike and surprise her with a special mid-hike picnic! Remember to BYO silverware, napkins and containers - leave no trace/waste at the picnic site!
  • Moderate: Hook your mom up with a durable, plastic-free stainless steel bento box and bamboo cutlery set. It’s perfect for lunches on the go!
  • Boujee: Camelpak and new hiking accessories to keep her hydrated and active.


Artisanal Mom

  • Budget: Find a recipe that you both would enjoy, pick up the ingredients and plan a cooking date!
  • Moderate: Help make her kitchen zero-waste. Reusable silicone stretch lids and reusable silicone bags are perfect for storing food and leftovers. Plus, they look way better than plastic wrap.
  • Boujee: Sign her up for cooking lessons so she can perfect her skills and learn new techniques.


Sunday Bunch Mom:

  • Budget: Create a custom-curated cocktail book with recipes you know she'll love! You could even decorate special mimosa glasses or coffee mugs for her.
  • Moderate: Stainless steel rainbow straw set paired with some new cocktail glasses. They’ll jazz up her Sunday brunches and make iced-coffee look fabulous. If tea is more her jam, check out our reusable tea infuser to keep icky teabag microplastics out of her drink.
  • Boujee: Treat her to a brunch at her favorite restaurant or hook her up with an espresso machine. No disposable coffee cups needed when you turn your home into a coffee bar!


Still not sure what to get her? Gift certificates are always a great idea but remember, you don’t need to spend any money to show someone you care. Simply letting them know how much they mean to you is gift enough.


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